Thought three innings, he wouldn show all of his pitches or

It was ugly. Watson, IBMs digital „Jeopardy” contestant, kicked 74 time winner Ken Jennings butt during a much publicized Man vs. Computer match. Melvin said there wasn another optimal date for Gray first outing. Anything else would have meant facing AL West teams too often. Thought three innings, he wouldn show all of his pitches or show them what he was trying to do, which he didn Melvin said.

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Unemployment situation is still not good, and that going to take a long time to change, Allen agrees. Been some upturn in consumer spending, but until things start looking better on the housing and unemployment fronts, I think [consumer spending] won drive things forward. Retailers reported a good holiday season, it is not certain that consumers, who are the most important force in the economy, will continue to reverse the tight fisted habits developed in the past few years, Allen says.

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